Enhanced social media property power


“Social media websites are highly influential and they have the potential to play a significant role in the home-hunting process. The growing numbers of visitors we are receiving via social media are highly engaged and are delivering…” (lRightmove)


“WhatsApp is now becoming a preferred method of communication when buying or selling a home.

According to one east London estate agent around 80 per cent of offers made this year were over WhatsApp rather than a traditional telephone call.” (House Beautiful)


“A luxury real estate broker says that the Instagram app plays a “massive role” and will be the future of selling homes. He is currently doing a deal worth £10 million that was arranged over social media.” (Telegraph)

 Social media is a must and being-there enhanced property enables sellers to maximise the expanded reach now available (but so often badly under-used) on all the major national and international property platforms and portals.

Being-there.net enhanced property:

  • for friends’ opinions,
  • for family advice,
  • for planning and budgeting,
  • for professional opinion,
  • for comparative valuation,
  • for scope and potential,
  • for plans and expansion,
  • for renovation guidance

…well, for everyone a local, remote or overseas buyer needs to consult or share information with,  being-there enhanced property is the power of social media.