Property sales and projects


90% of home buyers search online for home buying

85% are more likely to buy after seeing video of a property – and this is set to increase rapidly with fully interactive and controllable enhanced reality info-visual?

73% say they will select a sales estate agent who will provide video, visual programmes (or better) for them

81% who try virtual / enhanced reality share their experience

65% of consumer digital media time is on smartphone

Creative content-based marketing delivers 3 x as many responses and cost 62% less than traditional methods overall.

Enhanced Property will boost responses even more and cut costs even further.


Property professional benefits:


Agents (traditional and hybrid)

  • Significant competitive differentiator (win instructions, win more sales)
  • Persuasive tool for remote buyers / international buyers / foreign language buyers / investor company buyers where reporting is necessary
  • Persuasive tool for enforced / non-discretionary sales, probate review, finance and estimated value review, creditor / beneficiary reporting
  • Possible added revenues (own-label consultancy, sales packages surcharge etc)
  • Brilliant PR and social media promotion
  • Innovation leadership
  • Staff training and information
  • Validation of details and transparency of sales positioning

Buyers (individual and investment)

  • Time and cost saving
  • Easy remote assessment
  • Information sharing
  • Pre-purchase planning, scoping, costing
  • Pre-purchase professional analysis
  • Advice and opinion gathering offsite
  • Investors
  • Early and continuing property development /renovation report and record creation


Property professionals and stakeholder who benefit from enhanced property:

  • Sellers / landlords
  • Sales and letting agents
  • Professionals /adviser/suppliers/briefing/early estimates
  • Builders, developers, designers…
  • Renovation and development project managers
  • Architects /planning process participants
  • Commercial property – visualising, planning, architectural representation, specs and details, recording, reporting, communicating, selling, maintenance…
  • FM companies / civil engineering
  • Landscape gardeners / tree surgeons / ground workers