What is being-there.net enhanced reality?

being-there.net enhanced reality combines interactive movie-drone aerial and orbicular photography with advanced effects, info-boxes, visual information and powerful social media for unique online, smartphone and PC experiences

A national and international multi-lingual, multi-currency promotional, marketing, sales, information, engagement, training/educational and entertainment tool for premium places, products and services on all connected devices…anywhere.


pano-movie-drone +

360 video /360 pano +

Steadicam / handheld movie / handheld 360+

CAD / 3D / image etc integration+

Live streaming+

Spatial sound +

Geo-location +

Interactive digital magic +

Info-visuals + info-voice +info-captions+

User-driven or guided tour+

400ft down to macro detail

…meet with:

Real SOCIAL MEDIA empowerment

Worthwhile and effective Apps

Vastly enhanced Search Engine Optimisation and proven LONGER dwell and user involvement times +

Demonstrable ROI +

Major competitive advantage +

Game-changing online / on-phone engagement and involvement

for exceptional customer care and service…

…just the way today’s customers, of all ages, really want their information – where they look, compare, share, choose, booking, buy, comment, refer…

on their smartphone