Who’s it for?

being-there.net has enhanced reality packages and services for so many businesses, places and services – an A to Z of applications. If you are one of these then being-there.net can enhance your sales, marketing, communication, customer care, information, engagement, online commerce and social media reach.

Attractions   Activity centres   

Boats / ships   

Care homes   Churches   Civic facilities  Conference centres    Covered markets

Dental practices  

Equestrian centres   Estates  Exhibitions  

Factories  Farms  Farmers’ markets   Flats   

Garages   Gyms

Historic locations   Holiday homes   Holiday parks (apps)   Hospitality   Hospitals  Hotels   


Joinery production  



Marinas   Markets   Mines   Moorland  Museums  

NPD  Networks

Offices   Open markets   Orchestra pits    

Parks   Processes   Public places and spaces  Pubs   


Race tracks   Renovations   Restaurants   Retail parks and centres   Retirement developments  

Schools   Shopping malls   Stadia Stations / termini   Storage   Subsidy consultants   

Theatres   Town halls  


Venues   Vets  

Warehouses   Waterways   Wind turbines   Woodland  

X-ray installations  



…and if you are not one of these, then call us with your challenge and we’ll create the answer.

Less expensive and more flexible than traditional video, more engaging and informative than tradition 360 and more sharing, interactive and immersively informative than just about any other medium.